Daniel: The Fiery Furnace

The Fiery Furnace is the ultimate Daniel story. We know the story, but have we looked closely at the lessons God wants to teach us? Do we really know about living in the fiery furnace called our secular world? We often hope to be delivered from the furnace, but we must remember that God delivers in the furnace, [...]

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Daniel: Worship

Worship is the "worth" that we give to someone or something. What is your worship like in this world of distractions and stuff? Worship counts. How we worship matters, and who we worship matters. But why? Hear Pastor Anders Davidson as he explores what we learn from God about worship through the life of Daniel. Daniel 3:1-18     [...]

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Daniel: Who’s In Control

Take charge! Be the master of your destiny! Take the bull by the horns! Such advice is often given when we are Christians living in a secular world. The reality is that this strategy can actually diminish God and our witness of Him. Daniel learned to let God be God: good advice for us. Daniel 2:1-3, 24-49     [...]

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Daniel: Facing Challenges

When do I say something for Jesus? When do I stay quiet? What do I do when someone is attacking Christ or Christians? How do I respond when it costs me to be a Christian? These and other challenges are present for Christians in our secular world. Daniel’s life was threatened and the way that he faced this challenge [...]

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Daniel: A Resilient Witness

Resiliency is the capacity to thrive in challenging situations. Living as a Christian in a secular world is without question a challenging situation. What characteristics of Daniel helped him? Do those characteristics translate to me and how? Listen to Pastor Phil Wagner as he explores this topic. Daniel 1:1-21       [...]

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Who is the giver of all good gifts? Sometimes in our world where we don’t see the process from beginning to end, we forget the giver. Thanks is not just an action, but an attitude of the heart that affects the way that we live life. As Jesus prepares to die for us on this beginning to Holy Week, [...]

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Where do we turn when we are at the end of ourselves? Do we cry for help? What kind of expectations do we have when we seek help? We are made to live in continual dependence on God. Does our life reflect this trust? Matthew 14:22-33 Pastor Anders Davidson     [...]

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All of us sin. All of our relationships have struggles. Because of sin, we get off track. How do we get back on track? The word Sorry sets us up for a turn to the cross and the forgiveness that Jesus offers through His sacrifice. He brings hope and life to us, our relationships, and our future. Hear [...]

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