Mark: Why Bother?

There is an attitude that is becoming more prevalent among Christians. It might be called the why-bother-attitude. Can’t change the way that I am, so why bother. Can’t really get along with my neighbor, or school-mate or family so why bother. There are so many people not going to church so why bother. This attitude defeats, deflates, and demoralizes. [...]

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Mark: Seeds

When you look at a seed, what do you see? What do you think? Usually we are thinking potential and possibility. We are picturing not a seed, but a plant. In the same way, as God looks at us, He sees what we can become. He sees potential and possibility. That’s true for us as a church and as [...]

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Being Religious

What do people think when they hear that someone is religious? Is it good to be religious or is it bad? Are you religious? Do you act in certain ways purposely so that people won't think of you as religious? Today we look at what Jesus had to say about being religious. Mark 2:23-3:6 Pastor Phil Wagner [...]

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Daniel: Living Counter-Culturally

To be Christian is not to be anti-cultural, it is to be counter-cultural. This distinction provides an opportunity to courageously live for Jesus and the transforming love He brings into the world. Though our secular culture seeks us to follow along, we – like Daniel – are called to stand with conviction and compassion. Daniel 6:1-28 Pastor Anders [...]

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Daniel: How God Loves You

Pastor Phil WagnerThe message of our secular world is that there is no God or that God does not matter. Even worse, the devil tries to convince us that God does not love us. He lies in suggesting to us that we have no real value; that the struggles of life are proof that God does not care. Daniel [...]

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Daniel: Battling Sinful Pride

Our secular world teaches us to place pride in ourselves. Is that wrong? What kind of pride is sinful and what is God pleasing? Our battle with our pride often determines our response in this secular world. Hear Pastor Phil Wagner as he explores this issue of pride. Daniel 4:1-27     [...]

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Daniel: The Fiery Furnace

The Fiery Furnace is the ultimate Daniel story. We know the story, but have we looked closely at the lessons God wants to teach us? Do we really know about living in the fiery furnace called our secular world? We often hope to be delivered from the furnace, but we must remember that God delivers in the furnace, [...]

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Daniel: Worship

Worship is the "worth" that we give to someone or something. What is your worship like in this world of distractions and stuff? Worship counts. How we worship matters, and who we worship matters. But why? Hear Pastor Anders Davidson as he explores what we learn from God about worship through the life of Daniel. Daniel 3:1-18     [...]

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